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I am an Enrolled Agent and my entire career (25+ Years) has been in various aspects of accounting, from bookkeeper to corporate accountant prior to finishing a Bachelor’s of Science in both Accounting and Finance and a Master’s of Science in Management with a concentration in accounting, from Bridgewater State University. Upon finishing my degrees I began working in public accounting in a small tax department at a mid-sized regional firm.  After exposure to many High Net Worth clients I was moved to the Sports and Entertainment department where I prepared returns for professional athletes including members of the MLB, NBA and NFL.  

After helping professional athletes find the most legal deductions and pay the least tax for several years (several of these athletes were audited and all deductions held up to IRS scrutiny and the audits were dismissed with no findings), I moved on to working in the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.   Working for a firm that subcontracted to a law firm in Switzerland, I helped many people correctly report their foreign earnings on their return.  I also helped clients by preparing their ex-pat returns on an ongoing basis.   Now in addition to working with US Citizens living abroad I have started a practice in Massachusetts handling small business accounting and personal and business tax returns.

I enjoy a challenge and will do the research to help a client pay the lowest tax possible.

If you would like my help please call me @ 781-261-0401.

~ Thank you,  Lisa Boucher, E.A.


Contact me at -- lisa@bouchertaxandaccounting.com


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Credentials & Certifications


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MS Management

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